One On One Consultation

After living in Ghana for over a year while coming from a European background we feel like we have enough experience to advise people who wish to come to Ghana. Talking to someone with a similar background might help in understanding certain challenges you are facing or even just to ease your mind. We took the step 1,5 year ago and are still loving the decision we made. It would be an honor to help you get here too.

Consultation Options

Congratulations on your decision to move to Ghana! Booking a consultation is the first step. In this consultation we would like to get a small introduction of yourself and or your family (if applicable).  If we understand your story it helps us advise you better. After the introduction we will answer all your questions as best as possible.

This consultation is specifically for parents moving to Ghana with their children and want to know more about the different Ghanaian school systems. We inform you about fees and additional cost, listen to your wants and needs and give you tailored advice on the best choice of school for your child in Accra, Ghana.

After the first consultation, you might have additional questions you want to ask. Feel free to book as many follow-up consultations, as you need. A big step like this should be done with a mind at ease.

Besides consultations we run a YouTube channel, have other projects we're working on and are also parents! So we have a busy schedule. If you can’t make it on Monday and Tuesday’s it's possible to book an appointment at a time and date suitable for you.

Is there anything else you wish to talk to us about ? Feel free to book an appointment. Let us know the topic beforehand so we can be ready to answer your questions.

Please note bookings are in GMT+2 Timezone, Amsterdam.