About Us

Kevin and Anna Acheampong are both of Dutch / Ghanaian descent, they have been together for over 10 years and welcomed their first child Sophie-Jane in  2012. They have only known Amsterdam/ the Netherlands as their homeland but both visited Ghana on many occasions when they were younger. When Micah was born in 2016 Anna had complications and there was a lot of stress on the family unit. After they finished building their family home in 2019 they needed a break from fast track European life and decided to live in their fatherland Ghana for a year. Then covid -19 hit, they got stuck and now feel this is where they need to be, to educate not only themselves but the world (through YouTube videos) about how fulfilled life can be in the motherland. 

“Se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenkyiri.”

It is not taboo to go back and get something after you have forgotten it


Meet The Acheampongs


Kevin Acheampong was born and raised in Amsterdam southeast a multicultural environment, but also known as the slums of Amsterdam. He was raised by his single Dutch mother, and occasionally would visit his father. Despite the challenges that come with growing up in this environment, soccer and school kept him on the right track. 

Kevins Background: Sales/  Management In Telecommunication And Energy Sector.


Anna Acheampong was born and raised in a picturesque quiet neighbourhood in Amsterdam North. Although her father was mostly absent in her upbringing her single Dutch mother always made sure she didn’t lack anything. The neighborhood she grew up in was fully white, in her teenage years she decided to school in Amsterdam south east to be around people of color. This is where she learned about “African culture” and where the dream of one day living in Ghana began. While pregnant with Sophie-Jane, Anna and Kevin bought their first house in Zaandam, a suburb outside Amsterdam. When Sophie-Jane was of school-age Anna noticed more racism than she was used to in Amsterdam and started to work on her dream of moving to Ghana.

Anna’s background: hotel management & early child development, and child protection.


Sophie-Jane is a bubbly bright little lady, She is preserved and polite to everyone, and opens up once she gets to know you better. She loves to be around people, she likes performing dance, art or music plays. She does very well academically and adapts quickly to every situation. Her dream is to become a superstar.


Micah is a vibrant young boy. He doesn’t like to sit still. you would always find him playing, observing, or take apart something around him. He is not shy towards strangers and says whatever comes to mind. he can be a charmer to ladies and easily makes friends outside his peer group.