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We are The Acheampong Family, a young modern family from the Netherlands who decided it was time to make a change and move back to our “fatherland” Ghana. We are on a mission to change the negative perspective the media uses to portray Africa, one vlog at a time… Read More

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In this video Sophie-Jane and Micah practiced the National anthem for you guys !


Anna has helped my decision to travel to Ghana. Then being here in Ghana she has even been more helpful. I would definitely recommend a consultation to anyone thinking of coming to Ghana.

S. Tamatekou

We found the information given invaluable, it helped us better navigate a car service, which is much better than über, and accommodation.

Michelle & Peter

Anna and Kevin’s commitment to providing good service is second to none. Upon speaking to Anna, one immediately gets a feeling of camaraderie as she seems to have a remarkable way of instilling trust and confidence. Fantastic people and we highly recommend.

Anthony & Jacquelyn